Syrian Nationals concessions renewed

The UK government has renewed the immigration concession for Syrian nationals for a further year, until 28 February 2016. Read more

UK Programme Application Deadline

UK Programme Application Deadline
The deadline for applications to the next Allocation Committee Meeting is 17:00 on Friday 27th March 2015. Decisions will be made in June. Read more

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CARA honoured by Abertay Dundee

CARA honoured by Abertay Dundee
Stephen Wordsworth, Executive Director of CARA, received an honorary degree from Abertay University on Friday 28 November. Read more

Number of Academic Refugees Grows

Number of Academic Refugees Grows
Academics & students are being forced to flee their homes in numbers not seen since WW2, following the crises in Iraq and Syria. Read more

Assassinated/Kidnapped Academics

Assassinated/Kidnapped Academics
IRAQ 16/10/14 Dr H M F Al-Baghdadi, Mosul Uni. 11/9/14 Dr M Jassim, Shatt al-Arab Uni. 28/8/14 Dr I H Al-Saad, Dean of Agriculture, Anbar Uni; More...

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