Refugee Academics inthe UK: past, present and future

The seminar looked at the history of refugee academics in the UK, whilst assessing the role of UK universities in welcoming refugee academics, and raising awareness of the issues involved, including questions of academic freedom.

The talk outlined the history of CARA (Council for Assisting Refugee Academics) from 1933 to the present and its continuing relevance, as the numbers of academic refugees in the UK increase.

The trials tribulations and politics of welcoming refugee academics were highlighted with reference to the many testimonies in the publication ‘The Refugee and the Fortress.’ The importance of CARA as an organization was highlighted in order to raise students’ awareness of the plight of refugee academics, and the efforts of their own institution, SOAS, thus far. SOAS currently; a fellowship scheme as a part of the CARA university network, helping refugee academics continue their work in the UK.

 Shula Marks (SOAS), Sawsan al-Assaf (SOAS), Jeremy Seabrook (CARA)