UCLU STAR Event: Equal Access to Higher Education

This event will follow up on UCLU STAR's petition to demand equal access to higher education for asylum seekers and those with Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR) in the UK.  These individuals are often unable to attend university as they are charged international student fees and are ineligible for financial support such as student loans and bursaries.

The event will discuss the barriers facing asylum seekers, those with DLR, and refugees wishing to enter higher education, and their implications.  It will also look into what can be done to promote equal access.

This event will feature talks by Emily Crowley, STAR Volunteering Project Co-ordinator; Emily Bowerman, RSN (Refugee Support Network) Higher Education Programme Officer; Hamid, a young person supported by RSN; and Latefa Guemar, Visitor Fellow at LSE and CARA beneficiary.