Fellow Stories

These stories highlight the courage of women who have defended their rights as female academics and their right to academic freedom. Many refugee academics, particularly women, face similar trials and tribulations in fleeing their countries due to victimisation and persecution by oppressive regimes and societies. The women below were assisted by CARA to help continue contributing back to society as academics in the United Kingdom.
The stories highlight how many academics have suffered discrimination in the UK as well as in their home country and have struggled to come to terms with their situation and their sense of loss. However, they are determined women who are rebuilding their lives. Starting a new life, in a place of safety and strangeness, these women are coming to terms with their new situation and its challenges. Each has turned to education and has found refuge in the familiarity of study.  The support that CARA has given them has helped them to start again and to rediscover their sense of self. These women are so much more than the label of 'refugee'.

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The stories were commissioned as part of the ‘Space Between’ Project that provided a space for four women refugees academics to tell the story of their journey; to explore and celebrate their identities, as women, as academics and as refugees from their own country and culture. The exhibition featured the work of the artist, Kay Goodridge, and has been developed by Birkbeck University in partnership with the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (CARA)


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