Research Exchange & Development Scheme

The Research Exchange & Development (RED) Scheme is aimed at young faculty holding only Masters degrees, appointed to teaching positions to fill the serious shortage caused by the assassination and exile of senior University staff.  It will enable them to obtain PhD degrees, with a strong element of international experience at the highest level, while ensuring their return to Iraq.

The RED Scheme adapts the 'Channel Scheme' that played a useful part in upgrading younger staff in Egyptian universities while strengthening international links.  It is designed to  train outstanding young academics in a context where it is essential they return as soon as possible to work in their Iraqi universities. 

For the 3-year Iraqi PhD scheme, year 2 is spent in the UK. Selected PhD students will be appointed joint UK and Iraqi supervisors for the full period.  This is not a programme for mass Higher Education, but a carefully structured programme to promote individual excellence in those who will lead Iraqi universities tomorrow. 

A number of CARA Network University members and Iraqi universities will pilot the scheme with students selected from amongst the Iraqi university's 2009-2010 PhD cohort.  Final candidate selection will rest with the UK university.  The thesis must be submitted in the language(s) required by the Iraqi University, and the student must return to Iraq for the 3rd year to write up and submit the thesis and can only graduate in Iraq, to prevent brain drain.

In addition to providing individual opportunities to build international links, the scheme offers the Iraqi supervisors the opportunity to spend up to 4 weeks with the partner UK university in year 2.  The scheme also seeks to promote longer term collaboration between the Iraqi and UK partnering universities.