'The Art of Resistance: Defending Academic Freedom' Art Auction

"Without such Freedom there would have been no Shakespeare, no Goethe, no Newton, no Faraday, no Pasteur and no Lister." Albert Einstein, CARA Inaugural Public Meeting (5th October 1933)

CARA Art Auction raises just shy of £30,000, with a further £25,000 to follow in 2014 through specialist sales!

Hosted in London by Pentagram Designs on 5th December 2013, with donated artwork from over 70 established artist, including Jeremy Deller, Edmund de Waal and Maggi Hambling (full list below), the CARA auction raised just shy of £30,000 in support of the CARA Fellowship Scheme, through which CARA provides periods of sanctuary to persecuted and at-risk academics and their immediate family.

An additional collection of donated artwork will be placed in specialist sales over 2014 to raise a further estimated sum of £25,000.  Should you wish to be notified of these sales or wish to view the available pieces please contact campaign.cara@lsbu.ac.uk.

Stories in Exile

Several artists share their personal or family stories of exile in the auction publication: A Refugee Artist (Margarete Marks); Saving Freud by Jane McAdam Freud; Connections with the Past by Kate Robinson; The Ephrussi Family by Edmund de Waal; A Nail in the Wall of Exile A flower in the Heart by Mahmoud Al Bayaty; A Journey into Exile by Issam Kourbaj; 'I shall bear witness’, on leaving Dresden by Monica Petzal; Child of a Dissident Artist by Ulyana Gumeniuk; My family: Jelinek, Rookwood, Epraim, Sluzweski by Karen Rookwood; Working with Young Syrian Refugees by Sina Ata; It is what it is: conversations about Iraq by Jeremy Deller

The full auction publication is available on line click here, or for sale at £20+pp (unsigned) or £40+pp for copies signed by Steven Appleby, Edmund de Waal, Maggi Hambling, Marcella Hanselaar, Hanaa Malallah, Jane McAdam Freud and Shelagh Atkinson.

Supporting Artists to which CARA and its beneficiaries owe an enormous debt of thanks.

Afsoon | Jananne Al-Ani | Mohammed Al-Shammarey | Jim Anderson | Steven Appleby | Sina Ata | Shelagh Atkinson | Hazar Bakbachi-Henriot | Nicholas Baker | Gordon Beswick | Antonia Black | Quentin Blake | Bluelou | Andrea Byrne | Billy Childish | Jeremy Deller | Rodrigo de Matos | Stuart Denyer | Edmund de Waal | Samer Saem Eldahr | Christian Furr | Kay Goodridge | Ulyana Gumeniuk | Maggi Hambling | Marcelle Hanselaar | Tony Husband | Jane Joseph | Issam Kourbaj | Amanda Lebus | Anastasia Lewis | Harriet Macaree | Judy Ann Macmillan | Elizabeth Hyde MacMurray | Hanaa Malallah | Sonia Martin | Jane McAdam Freud | Jenny Mellings | Tvg Menon | C Morey de Morand | Aliya Musina | Vicki Olverson | Emily Patrick | Jila Peacock | Harry Pye | Yasemin Omer | Robert Orchardson | Raquel Orzuj | Monica Petzal | Polyp | Kate Robinson | Tim Sanders | Peter Schrank | Charlotta Sparre | Ralph Steadman | Stig | Madeleine Strindberg | Soraya Syed | Bryan Talbot | Ineke Vanderwal | Rhonda Whitehead | Haegue Yang | Lutfi Zayed 

Artwork donated from private collections: Margarete (Grete) Marks | Mostafa el-Razzaz | Hsiao-Mei Lin

‘Artists are the proverbial canaries in the coalmine. When we stop singing, it’s a sure sign of repressive times ahead’.
Theresa Bayer

Special Thanks CARA is most grateful to Pentagram Designs Ltd, Calverts, Staffords Gallery and Orbital Sound Ltd for their generous support and in-kind sponsorship. A special thank you to Sarah Greaves (Curator, New Hall College), Barbara Rowell (Managing Partner of Jacaranda Images) and to Anita O’Brien (Curator of The Cartoon Museum) for helping to secure the support of artists, as well as to Private Eye, ToonPool, ICORN and Freemuse for helping to spread the word. Our thanks also go to Sir Tim Rice, Dr Sussan Babaie and Dr Richard L. Harmon, and Frances Marx, for contributing pieces from their personal collections, and to Lizzie Ballantyne for her tireless patience, Jamie Mason for maintaining the smile and to Sophie Camu, Camu Art Ltd, for her invaluable advice.

Art Auction Photos

Photographs by Alastair Lomas