Campaign of Action for Iraqi Academics

Over 400 Iraqi academics have been murdered since 2003, the target of a systematic campaign of kidnap, torture and assassination. It is hard to exaggerate the importance of their knowledge and expertise to the future of Iraq and the wider Middle East region, a loss from which it would take generations to recover.

"We cannot stand idly by and see our fellow Iraqi academics murdered with impunity. The CARA/SAR UK Universities Network was established to assist academics at risk and defend academic and university freedoms worldwide. If we do not act now we will have failed our Iraqi colleagues, as well as the very notion of academic freedom that underpins our work. UK academics have a duty to respond."   Professor John Akker, CARA Executive Secretary (retired 2012)

This Campaign of Action, instigated in 2006, seeks not just to raise awareness of the plight of Iraqi academics, but, as is CARA's tradition, to provide practical support to at least some of the thousands of Iraqi academics in need and at risk. The campaign established an Emergency Hardship Fund with £100,000 from CARA's reserves and saw the launch of an Emergency Appeal to garner support and donations from the British public.

A Fellowship Scheme was set-up with the financial support of Arcadia, to facilitate doctoral and post-doctoral placements in higher education institutions, ensuring continued engagement, collaboration and contribution to developments in their fields during this period of uncertainty.

CARA was Founded by Sir William Beveridge in 1933 to rally support for fellow academics suffering persecution across Europe under the rise of Nazism across Europe. CARA's work remains as relevant today as ever.

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