CARA's history has been well preserved and is currently held in two separate archives.  The first, covering the period from 1933 to the 1970s, is available from the Bodleian Library in Oxford. A digitalisation of the Bodleian archives, funded by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), has now been completed and will soon be available to visitors of the USHMM. The second, with material from the 1970s onwards, is housed at the University of East London (UEL). 

The archives offer a wealth of material for historians, biographers, political and social scientists etc. 

Bodleian Library

The period from 1933 to 1956 has been fully catalogued and includes personal beneficiary files, correspondence with partner organisations (refugee, private foundations, funders etc.), with universities with whom academic placements were being negotiated and with various government departments. 

Although post-1956 material held at the Bodleian Library is not formally catalogued, CARA has a box list that is available on request from the CARA office. A selection from the early part of the archive is also available on CD, on request , courtesy of the US Holocaust Museum.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) has funded the digitalisaiton of selected archives from the Bodleian Library archive. The selected digitized collection will be available at the USHMM and searchable through an online search engine that will provide a catalogue entry describing the contents of the collection, provenance, extent, and terms of access.

Access to CARA archives is conditional on holding a full and unrestricted Bodleian Library reader's card. In addition researchers will need permission from CARA in order to make copies of documents and to quote. CARA owns the copyright to all of the AAC/SPSL official writings. Please contact for permission.


More recent documents covering CARA's history are housed at the University of East London alongside the Refugee Council Archive. This series represents the accumulated papers of the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (1999-), and its immediate forebear, the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning (1987-1999).  These include Esther Simpson papers, grant applications and beneficiary details, financial records and governance documents, which are in the process of being catalogued. 

For more information on the Refugee Archive at UEL please click here.

A list of box files is available from CARA on request. Researchers should apply to for access outlining their research interests.  Parts of the archive are closed due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act. 


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