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Make a donation

CARA was the Times Higher Education Charity of the Year 2009; and was Times Higher Education's nominated charity for their November 2013 awards.

Albert Einstein led our first appeal for funds in 1933, speaking at the Albert Hall of the need for urgent action to defend individual liberty and academic freedom, against the background of the Nazis' rise to power.  Sadly, eighty years later, free-thinking academics are still among the first targets of repressive regimes and extremist groups around the world.  Others, caught up in conflict, see their universities attacked and their colleagues kidnapped, tortured or asassinated.  And others face discrimination or violence because of their ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.  CARA, which works to help them, in the UK and abroad, is the only organisation of its type in Europe.  Please contribute to support our work.  We are grateful for all donations, whether large or small.

Using the link below, you can make a single payment by debit or credit card, or from a CAF account, or a regular donation by direct debit:

If you are a UK tax payer, the value of your donation can be increased through a Gift Aid Declaration. The Gift Aid Declaration only needs to be completed once for all donations you make to CARA from UK taxable income and enables CARA to claim back tax on your donation. Simply tick the Gift Aid box on your donation form.

To make a donation by post, please download the donation form and return it to:

The Executive Director
Council for At-Risk Academics
South Bank Technopark
90 London Road
London, SE1 6LN