Fellowship Programme

A lifeline to academics in need

The fate of academics threatened by tyrannical regimes is a matter of deep concern to all and a profound threat to society. It only takes the death of one academic to silence hundreds.

Fellowship Programme: Aim
To sustain persecuted and disenfranchised academics from across the globe and facilitate continued academic engagement through periods of sanctuary and practical support.

CARA welcomes the opportunity to help female academics who face challenges that are often much greater.

The Fellowship Programme is available to enquirers both in the UK and overseas. If you are in the UK please click here, otherwise click here.

CARA Scholars at Risk UK Universities Network
CARA works closely with the 104 UK universities that make up the Network to promote and defend academic freedom and provide practical support to academics in need, including fee waivers, mentoring, bursaries etc. CARA Fellowships are used to cover living and associated opportunity costs for Fellows and their immediate dependents.

Simple ways you can help...

 > Host a Refugee or at-Risk Academic
 > Host an Academic Freedom Event
 > Establish a CARA Fellowship
 > Host a Fundraising Event
 > Engage your Student Body
 > Promote CARA as a Favoured Charity
 > Establish a Mentoring Scheme
 > Donate (there are alternative options for giving).