UK Fellowship Scheme

The CARA UK Fellowship scheme for Iraqi academics was launched in 2006 as part of a wider Campaign of Action in response to the plight of Iraq’s academics, a group being systematically targeted for kidnap and assassination in an attempt to rid Iraq of its intellectual capital. Over 300 have been murdered since 2003.

Through this funding stream, Cara has sought to reach out beyond UK borders to assist at least some of those Iraqi academics who remain at risk in Iraq or dispossessed having fled to neighbouring countries or beyond, as a direct result of events since 2003.

Working closely with members of the CARA Scholars at Risk UK Universities Network, CARA has secured and/or supported doctoral or post-doctoral research placements for over 29 Iraqi academics, whose English language skills and, in some cases, existing links to UK universities have made them suitable candidates.

Hosting universities are expected to waive associated bench and course fees, an action complemented by the award of a CARA fellowship to help meet living costs during the host period. Honorary research placements are for between 14 and 18 months, and PhD offers are full-time 3-year placements. CARA has encountered enormous goodwill amongst individual UK university faculty members, many of whom are keen to support fellow academics under fire.

CARA works closely with two New York based organisations, Scholars at Risk (SAR) and Scholars Rescue Fund (SRF) to help develop placement opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa regions, avoid duplication and maximise the impact of its work.