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Education under Attack 2014

Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) (2014)

An inter-agency coalition publication by organisations working in education in emergencies and conflict-affected contexts, higher education, human rights and humanitarian law who were concerned about attacks on educational institutions, their students and staff incountries affected by conflict and insecurity.

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The Art of Resistance: Defending Academic Freedom since 1933

CARA (2013)

Several artists share their personal or family stories of exile in the auction publication.

The full auction publication is available on line click here, or for sale at £20+pp (unsigned) or £40+pp for copies signed by Steven Appleby, Edmund de Waal, Maggi Hambling, Marcella Hanselaar, Hanaa Malallah, Jane McAdam Freud and Shelagh Atkinson.

CARA 80th Anniversary Supplement

Ed. Kate Robertson (CARA) (2013) Times Higher Education (THE)

CARA 80th Anniversary Supplement published in the Times Higher Education (THE) Issue 16-22 May 2013. The Supplement highlights 80 years of CARA's support for persecuted academiccs told by grantees, affiliates, staff and Members of Council. Online version available - click here.

Institutional Autonomy and the Protection of Higher Education from Attack

Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) (2013)

This study examines the relationship between institutional autonomy and the security of higher education institutions from violent and coercive attacks. The paper includes a review of the limited literature available, as well as a series of examples illustrating different forms of attacks...

The Refuge and the Fortress: Britain and the Persecuted 1933-2013 (2nd Edition)

Jeremy Seabrook (2013) Palgrave Macmillan

The Refuge and the Fortress offers an account of academic refugees in Britain, including those who fled Nazi Germany, and through their testimonies, seeks to understand the qualities they bestowed on their adoptive country. It provides an honest portrayal of the encounters of people from other cultures with the characteristics of the British.

Medicine, Conflict and Survival

Moore, M. and Brunskell-Evans, H (eds.) (2013) Volume 29, Issue 1, March, Special Issue: CARA Iraq Research Fellowship

This Special Issue focuses on the work of the CARA Iraq Research Fellowship Programme (IRFP). This issue is one of a number of events and publications to mark CARA’s 80th year and it is particularly written to celebrate the achievement of teams of Iraqi scholars whose work focuses on matters related to medicine, conflict and survival.

Reimagining Research for Reclaiming the Academy in Iraq: Indentities and Participation in Post-Conflict Enquiry

Brunskell-Evans, H. and Moore, M. (eds.) (2012) Sense Publishers

The book is a compilation of the narratives of Iraqi scholars who are carrying out numerous and diverse research projects that support the rebuilding of Iraqi society.  The projects are funded and facilitated by CARA under the auspices the Iraqi Research Fellowship Programme (IRFP).

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Scientist Spies: A Memoir of My Three Parents and the Atom Bomb

Paul Broda (2011) Matador

The Atom Bomb was crucial to a post-War world dominated by the Cold War. Yet the stories of the people who chose to give atom secrets to Russia has never fully been told. Paul Broda's father and stepfather both passed secrets to the Russians, for no personal gain. Here he gives his personal account of his family and their actions. Scientist Spies is a compelling account of three lives swept up in the great events of Communism, Fascism, World War II, and the creation of the Atom Bomb...

'Nazi Persecution: Britain's rescue of academic refugees'

Kohn, R. (2011) European Review, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 225-283

Drawing on Dr Kohn's 2008 key note lecture launching CARA's 75th anniversary conference, the article gives a fascinating and deeply moving account the heroic people who did so much to establish the work and support of CARA in 1933 (known then as the Academic Assistance Council).

To request an offprint of this article, please contact CARA.

In Defence of Learning: the plight, persecution, and placement of academic refugees 1933 - 1980s

Marks, S., Weindling, P. and Wintour, L. (eds.) (2011) Oxford University Press for the British Academy

Commissioned for CARA's 75th anniversary conference, the papers collected in this volume cover both the history of the organisation and its impact on the academic world. They focus on some less well-known elements of CARA's work, including scholars who contributed to the social sciences, exoduses of scholars from Pinochet's Chile and apartheid South Africa, and the experiences of women academics. The volume includes, as well, moving accounts by children of early grantees. 

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Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad: the true story of an unlikely friendship

Rowlatt, B. and Witwit, M. (2010) Penguin Books

May, an Iraqi lecturer on English literature at Baghdad University and CARA Fellow, and Bee, a BBC World Service journalist, first spoke in 2005, and their friendship developed through the exchange of long, funny, moving and very personal emails captured in this book.

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Nazi persecution – Britain’s gift

Kohn, R. (2009) Royal Society and CARA, London

Dr Kohn describes the persecution of scientists in Nazi Germany during the 1930s and illustrates the unique and dedicated work of extraordinary British subjects who helped persecuted academics find a safe haven for their work and life in the UK.

Supporting Persecuted Academics: a guide for higher education institutions

Joyce, R., Davidson, S., and McConnan, I. (2009) CARA

This guide was developed to give practical advice on what universities and their departments can do to support at-risk academics effectively. It draws on direct experience from members of the UK Universities Network to describe best practice at various levels, from individual mentors to central administrations.

PDF Version Click Here 

The Refuge and the Fortress: Britain and the flight from tyranny

Seabrook, J. (2009) Palgrave Macmillan

Published to mark the 75th anniversary of the foundation of CARA and its predecessors, this book sets their history into the contexts of the risks to academic freedom and the reception of refugees in Britain. 'The story is not about exploiters and opportunists, but rather the immeasurable riches, diversity and practical contribution which refugees have made to this country.... CARA exemplifies this story of our better selves.'

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Higher Education Pathways: a handbook for the refugee community in the UK

Schreiber, S. (2005) CARA

This handbook aims to help refugees and asylum seekers wishing to study for a degree in the UK, but who have little or no knowledge of the UK higher education system. It provides a comprehensive guide to the opportunities available and the steps needed to achieve this important goal, including a directory of specialist higher education, refugee and funding organisations. It is also an invaluable guide for advisors. This handbook is now out of print.

To download a copy of the handbook, click here.