How to Help

How To Help How To Help How To Help

The academics that CARA supports often come from countries in crisis. In 2010, CARA supported individuals from Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. Many have lost everything - separated from their family, they have lost their homes and their work and some have faced imprisonment and torture.
The intellectual, social and economic contribution of academic refugees to the life of Britain has repaid our hospitality a thousand fold. 

'We often talk about the debt we all owe to your organisation'
Sir Hans Krebs, Nobel Prize winner and CARA grantee, 1953

'CARA was a light in the darkness. I met hostility and resentment and disbelief when I asked for asylum, but CARA was always there for me, and helped me understand that the British are also compassionate and kindly.'
CARA grantee, 2008

You can help.  You can give funds to CARA in any of several ways with a choice of where you would like your money spent. And you can contribute time, energy and expertise, as a CARA Angel.