Plight of Iraqi Academics

1 June 2011
Aswat al-Iraq
German Universities to train Iraqi teachers
BAGHDAD - A number of German universities expressed desire to train teaching personnel from Iraqi universities, as stated by the Ministry of Higher Education today, more.

1 June 2011
Aswat al-Iraq
Woman professor receives post of Collage Dean in southern Iraq’s university, for first time
DIWANIYA: Iraqi Professor, Dr. Batoul Mutar Abadi al-Jibouri, has received the post of Acting Dean for the Collage of Administration & Economy in southern Iraq’s Qadisiya University in Diwania Province, being the first time a women was appointed in such post in southern Iraq’s Central Euphrates area, it was reported in Diwaniya on Tuesday, more.

31 May 2011
Aswat al-Iraq
New law for Higher Education Ministry in process
BAGHDAD -  The Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research plans to introduce a new law on the education philosophy. He intends to have it replace the present law, which dates back to 1988, in order to ensure the new law conforms to the present era and scientific developments, the ministry stated, more.

11 April 2011
Killers target Iraq's ravaged elite again
BAGHDAD - The recent murder of an Iraqi surgeon and a university researcher indicates that insurgents are again assassinating scientists, doctors and academics, even as those who survived an earlier wave of attacks are starting to return from exile to help rebuild their country, more.

26 March 2011
Aswat al-Iraq
Univ. professor killed, 3 civilians wounded near Baghdad
BAGHDAD - A university professor was killed and his wife and two civilians others wounded when an improvised explosive device (IED) attached to his vehicle went off west of Baghdad on Saturday, more.

21 March 2011
This is London
Iraqi academics get a lesson in rebuilding their university
by Anna Davis
Academics from Iraq whose university was destroyed are moving to Reading to learn how to set up a new department, more

3 March 2011
Aswat al-Iraq
University professor killed in eastern Mosul
A university professor was killed on Tuesday by gunmen in eastern Mosul, a security source said, more

2 March 2011
Aswat al-Iraq
Al-Maliki sacks deputy education minister
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki decided on Wednesday to sack Deputy Education Minister Ali al-Ibrahimi, al-Iraqiya satellite channel said in breaking news, more

28 February 2011
Irin News
IRAQ: Funding shortfall hits plans for IDPs, returnees
In January, the government announced plans to tackle internal displacement, and monitor and assist Iraqi refugees abroad. It sought to encourage IDPs to go back to their areas of origin, stay in the areas they have ended up in, or help them move to a new area, more

27 February 2011
The Washington Post
After Iraq's Day of Rage, a Crackdown on Intellectuals
by Stephanie McCrummen
BAGHDAD - Iraqi security forces detained about 300 people, including prominent journalists, artists and lawyers who took part in nationwide demonstrations Friday, in what some of them described as an operation to intimidate Baghdad intellectuals, more…

17 February 2011
Dying Education In The Blossoming Iraqi Democracy
by Dirk Adriaensens.
While Anglo Saxon universities are boasting of their so-called “glorious role” in the reconstruction of Iraqi academia, Iraq’s education is dying, more…

9 February 2011
11 killed, 104 injured in triple car bomb attack in Iraq
Kirkuk, Iraq - At least 11 people were killed and 104 injured Wednesday in three car bombings in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, more…

28 January 2011
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Iraqi Academics come together to debate future of higher-education system by Ursula Lindsey
AMMAN (Jordan) - The meeting, "Reconstruction of Higher Education in Post-Conflict Iraq," drew 100 Iraqi academics, along with education-ministry officials and 22 university presidents. They discussed—sometimes heatedly—the present and future state of higher education in their country, more

27 October 2010
Two Iraqi academics killed after their returning to Iraq
The fact that the last two academics assassinated in Iraq had returned recently to their country contradicts the latest claim made by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education, Abed Thiab al-Akhili, saying that the security situation has improved during the last three years. More...

19 October 2010
FACTBOX: Security developments in Iraq, October 19
Oct 19 (Reuters) - Following are security developments in Iraq as of 1830 GMT on Tuesday. More…

10 October 2010
The Chronicle of Higher Education
An Exiled Professor's Questions for Iraq's Higher-Education Minister
To the Editor: "A Message From Iraq to Its Exiled Scholars: Please Consider Returning Home" (The Chronicle, September 29) highlighted the plea, more…

29 September 2010
The Chronicle of Higher Education
A Message From Iraq to Its Exiled Scholars: Please Consider Returning Home by Aisha Labi
Three years ago, Abed Thiab al-Ajili, Iraq's minister of higher education, approached the Institute of International Education's Scholar Rescue Fund with a desperate plea, more…

29 June 2010
Professor Ali Zedan Al-Saigh (MD, Professor of Cancer and Head of Surgery) was assassinated in the Al-Harthia region of Baghdad. More…

June 2010
SIPA News 5, 2010
Iraqis in Exile: Saving a Generation of Scholars
by Caroline Stauffer
June, 2010 -- Following the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, a man in Baghdad began placing a taxicab sign on the roof of his car and left home at a different time each day, more…

25 May 2010
Amnesty International
Iraqi Authorities must Investigate
Killing of Politician
25 May, 2010 – Amnesty International has called on the Iraqi authorities to investigate the killing of a politician in the northern city of Mosul on Monday. More…

13 - 19 May 2010
Al-Ahram Weekly
Political wrangling continues in Iraq
The two Shia groups' main challenger, the mainly Sunni Iraqiya List which won the most votes in the elections, immediately denounced the planned alliance, More...

May 2010
Transitional Law and Contemporary Problems, Vol 19:261
Iraqi RefugeeCrisis: Whose Problem Is It?
May, 2010 -- A review of the US and UN response to Iraqi refugees. More...

7 May 2010
New York Times
Abducted Kurdish Writer Is Found Dead in Iraq
7 May, 2010 -- A 23 year old Kurdish journalist was said to be killed in response to his anti-government political articles. More...

14 April 2010
Amnesty International
April 2010 -- Amnesty International Report 'Iraq Civilians Under Fire’  

05 March 2010
Compass Direct News
Violence Escalates in Iraq Ahead of Elections
by Damaris Kremida
March 5, 2010 -- Political tensions ahead of parliamentary elections in Iraq on Sunday have left at least eight Chaldean Christians dead in the last three weeks and hundreds of families fleeing Mosul. more…

28 February 2010
National Public Radio, US
Women Scientists Take Role In Rebuilding Iraq
, Liane Hansen, host
February 28, 2010 -- With U.S. forces scheduled to begin withdrawal from Iraq this summer, Iraq must now take the lead in rebuilding itself. Iraqi scientists and engineers will hold the key to the future, and Iraqi women hope to be a part of that. Liane Hansen speaks to Dr. Alkazragy and Dr. Mustafa, two female Iraqi scientists who are visiting scholars at American universities. more…

23 February 2010
Silencer guns kill 67 in one day in Baghdad
by Anwar Jumaa
February 23, 2010 -- Last Sunday 67 corpses were brought to Baghdad morgue all shot with silencer guns, medical sources said. The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said silencer guns have instilled fear and terror in Baghdad and most of the victims were civil servants, former Baathists and army officers. The latest victim has been a university professor who was shot dead on Monday as he drove home. more…

11 February 2010
Associated Press
Iraqi panel bars 2 Sunni politicians from election
by Qassim Abdul-Zahra
BAGHDAD – An Iraqi panel issued a final ruling Thursday to bar two prominent Sunni politicians from running in next month's elections, a move that is likely to raise tensions between the Shiite-led government and Sunnis more…