October 2014

Institute of International Education & UC Davis: We Will Stop Here and Go No Further: Syrian University Students and Scholars in Turkey

"On a warm June afternoon in Reyhanli, Turkey, more than 30 displaced and refugee Syrian university students, some with their parents, gathered in the living room of the apartment that serves as the headquarters of the Union of Free Syrian Academics (UFSA). They had assembled to talk with our research team about their efforts to finish their university studies. Before the war in Syria, began, Reyhanli had been a sleepy border town on the road between Antakya and Aleppo, frequented by smugglers..." more

September 2014

Independent Assessment Report on the Implementation of the General Certificate Exam by the Ministry of Education of the Interim Syrian Government

Dedicated to supporting education in conflict-affected societies, SPARK commissioned international experts with the development of the assessment report on the administration of the General Certificate Exam (GCE) for close to 15 000 Syrian students in Syria, as well as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Due to massive internal and external displacement, the General Certificate Exam, as implemented by the Ministry of Education of the Interim Syrian Government, remains the only option for tens of thousands of Syrian students. more

August 2014

Integrity Research: Seeking the Rule of Law in the Absence of the State: Transitional Justice and Policing in Opposition-Controlled Syria Pt. I

"Civil wars over the past half-century have lasted on average ten years; more so during the Cold War period, or when they were multilateral, rather than bilateral, conflicts. The conflict in Syria now is an internationalised multi-lateral civil war, in its third year. The extended stalemate in the political process, and the active backing for both the government and the opposition by multiple external parties do not suggest that the Syrian conflict will necessarily fare better than this average..." more

June 2014

Institute of International Education & UC Davis: The War Follows Them: Syrian University Students and Scholars in Lebanon

"The situation for Syrian students and academics in Lebanon is generally bleak.  We found that, in addition to severe resource constraints and physical threats, unwritten discriminatory policies make Syrian students and academics vulnerable to exclusion from higher education in Lebanon..." more

December 2013 

Amnesty International Briefing: An International Failure: The Syrian Refugee Crisis              

"In the space of 12 months, 1.8 million people fled the armed conflict in Syria. By September 2013 the terrible milestone of two million refugees had been reached as men, women and childrencontinued to pour out of the country. As of 9 December, the number stood at over 2.3 million registered refugees, 52 per cent of whom are children. In addition, at least 4.25 million people aredisplaced inside the country."   more 

October 2013

International Crisis Group: Anything But Politics: The State of Syria's Political Opposition   

"Often derided for its infighting or dismissed as irrelevant, Syria’s political opposition reflects the contradictions, misunderstandings and conflicting geopolitical interests upon which it was founded. That its main political bodies have failed to overcome their inherent weaknesses and play a proactive role is regrettable."   more

May 2013

Institute for International Education & UC Davis: Uncounted and Unacknowledged: Syria's Refugee University Students and Academics in Jordan

"As the civil conflict in Syria enters its third year, the instituional framework within which higher education takes place has begun to collapse and, in some parts of the country, has disappeared entirely.  A climate of civil and political insecurity, state violence and conflict between the state and armed rebels have created conditions that render teaching and research at Syria's state and private universities not only difficult, but dangerous..." more