The Voices of Syrian Academics

"Wednesday we had three huge night explosions in our neighbour (next to our house); it was unforgettable night with the sound of ambulance mixed with civilians screaming and the scene of human parts covered by blood ...the result was 5 martyrs  and around 15 injured....That was not the only ‘action ‘for the last week; there was other huge explosions during the Eid period especially in the play yards where children seek few moments of fun and joy....."

Syrian academic describes an unforgettable night near his home in Damascus (November 2012)

"Everywhere you go people are suffering and mourning, especially the young academics and students who have lost all hope of a better life. Their motivation has been replaced by a total sense of helplessness and despair"..."Today, the only sounds our ears recognise are the sound of bullets and the thunder of rockets. Today, the only smell that our noses recognise is the smell of gunpowder and piles of corpses."..."You can’t even imagine what we’ve seen – what Syria has seen. We never thought that our beautiful country would become what it has today. Whatever the words that may be used to describe the situation, no words would ever rightly describe the crisis. I can say that, as one who lives in the crisis."..."Because I am still alive, I can ask for help. Today, I knock on the door of CARA, my last hope. To whom it may concern, to anyone, hear my words."

An academic wishing to remain anonymous describes the situation he faces in Syria today (July 2013)