Academic Mentoring

CARA Pool of Academic Advisors
CARA is currently seeking to create a pool of voluntary academic advisors to provide appropriate guidance and advice to refugee academics.

The advisors would make up a core group of individuals with up-to-date knowledge on education/training and employment in their specific sector and would supplement the expertise already available through the CARA Council.

The role of the pool of academic advisors
Advisors would be expected to provide CARA with timely and accurate advice on:

• the necessary qualifications to work in their field
• the employment prospects for CARA grantees in their field
• routes into employment after re-qualification for CARA grantees
• suggestions on alternative career paths using qualifications gained in their field

All advice would be passed via CARA.

CARA would not pass on contact details for its advisors to refugee academics or vice versa. However CARA wishes to put advisors and refugee academics in direct contact where appropriate.

CARA will endeavour to use the time of its advisors in the most efficient way, so as not to over-burden advisors with enquiries. We anticipate the main periods when we will require advice will be before the bi-annual CARA grant allocation meetings in February and August, when applicants may require advice on suitable qualifications and at the end of the academic year (September/October) when grantees may require advice on employment.

Criteria for advisors
• Advisors must be knowledgeable about the present situation in their particular field and be willing to give advice on issues relating to their expertise. They should also have knowledge about possible future trends and developments.
• Advisors should be presently or recently employed in their field of expertise, as academics and/or practitioners.
• As some CARA grantees take up professional rather than academic qualifications, CARA would welcome advisors from practitioner backgrounds in addition to those from academic backgrounds.
• Advisors would ideally have some understanding of the particular barriers to education/training and employment faced by refugees.

CARA is particularly looking for individuals with expertise in the following areas:

• Medicine, including: psychiatry; general medicine; public health; professional re-qualification (re. PLAB/MRCP route)
• Dentistry, including: professional re-qualification (ORE route)
• Engineering, including: chemical; civil; mechanical; electrical.
• Chemistry
• International development
• Human rights
• Law

How to apply
For further information, please contact