Grants and Fellowships

CARA launched the Grant and Fellowship Programme in January 2011, to enable Zimbabwean academics responsible for teaching/leading the next generation, and those with skills and expertise, the opportunity to change, intervene and influence various critical sectors in Zimbabwe.

The objectives of the Programme were to:

  1. Enable Zimbabwean academics to access training and development opportunities for the benefit of their Science or Health Science Faculty, and their own professional development, through the provision of teaching/research equipment, resources and access to e-Journals or specialist training.
  2. Provide re-engagement opportunities for the Zimbabwean academic community in the diaspora, to build international links and to develop research in the critical areas of health, science and education.
  3. Encourage further collaboration with international universities and NGOs, in order to provide key skills, resources and support for Zimbabwe’s higher education system.

CARA received a large number of excellent applications in the pilot round. Thirteen grants were awarded by CARA’s Zimbabwe Committees to a variety of Health and Science related faculties at six different universities in Zimbabwe.

Two Fellowships were also awarded, to enable Zimbabwean academics in the diaspora to up-skill, re-engage with academia in Zimbabwe and identify areas in their home country where they could advance social well being with their academic expertise and experience.

You can find more details of a selection of Faculty Grants and Re-engagement Fellowships awarded here.