Virtual Lecture Hall

In 2012 CARA launched a Virtual Lecture Hall (VLH) at the University of Zimbabwe.  Click here to read more about the launch.

The purpose of this project was to enable 'Virtual Lectures’ to be streamed in from around the world, to support the College of Health Science and the Faculties of Science and Veterinary Science in the areas which were lacking teaching staff, or which otherwise wanted to benefit from engagement with the diaspora and/or international partnerships.

The 'Life Size' video conferencing equipment went live in September 2012.  In the first year, over 200 students at a time regularly benefitted from virtual lectures, seminars and training sessions, delivered as a result of partnerships with a wide range of universities, academics outside Zimbabwe, and companies. The first PhD 'viva' using this equipment was held in Autumn 2013.  In response to demand, CARA provided a second, mobile, unit in October 2013, so that many more people will be able to benefit from this valuable link.  Downloaded material is now also being displayed on the VLH equipment.

Full responsibility for the project was formally handed over to the University of Zimbabwe in May 2013.